Concepts and projects

Some projects are never ending, so the question is "do I want to tell the story of the underlying system or just of part of it?"

They are still not ready, I'll make them available as soon as possible :)

Adopting a conversational approach to make the interface more intuitive.


The future is conversational

Most users seem to prefer "chatting" with the apps. A minority prefer speed, so we should cater also for them.

It's about the shape of the interaction rather than the ability of the system to "chat" with a human being.


The dual nature of reserving a vehicle.


A matter of mental model

While reservation is a well-known concept, asking people to reserve a vehicle during a checkout journey clashes against the mental model of how a checkout should work.


Hello I'm Alessandro

I'm focused on creating memorable experiences and user-centred solutions that benefit the business.

I'm passionate about strategy, system design, conceptualisation and problem solving.

Currently I'm Head of Design at Codeweavers, a british company part of the Cox Group that create software and services for the automotive industry.

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Sometime conversations trigger trains of thoughts. Sometime something interesting come up.

29 May 2020

Intuition and prediction in UX practice

Let’s face it, as designers we often have to answer questions on what we are designing, and sometimes it is more complicated than others.

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24 June 2019

Thoughts on usability testing

In order to create valuable and useful products, we should test as early and often as possible. We test prototypes, semi-built and final versions of the product, mainly adopting three kinds of usability testing [...]

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04 May 2019

Usability testing: the everlasting debate

Usability tests are a strange kind of beast. Everybody wants to do them (in principle) but, when the planning starts, there is always a good reason not to.

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16 May 2019

Digital interfaces manipulation aid using Eye-Tracking and AI

Could be possible to “teach” touchscreen devices to learn how different users interact with them and to recognise who's using them?

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